Add Value to Homes with Granite and Marble Slabs in the GTA

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When remodelling your home, the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most common areas where homeowners strive to add value to their investment. Natural stone surfaces and floors have become popular fixtures among homeowners looking to generate added property value. Aesthetically, natural stone combines elegance and beauty with unparalleled durability and longevity. With proper maintenance and care, your natural stone surfaces can last decades in your home. Granite and marble slabs should be purchased from a reputable dealer in the GTA and installed by a professional. Each come in a number of different colours, patterns, and finishes, giving homeowners a variety of options when it comes to finding something that best suits their home. Kitchens can be expensive to upgrade, so it is important to know where you will get the most return on your investment. Below are some ways homeowners are using natural stone to increase the value of their home.




Countertops and islands are among the most visible components of your room. Updating your old countertop or island can bring your kitchen to life again. Old countertops get chipped, stained, or suffer from a lot of daily wear and tear. Replacing your laminate countertop with a more durable surface can give your kitchen a more timeless look. When looking to sell, it is best to choose neutral colours for your natural stone surface. Natural stone can bring added value with long-lasting durability and a resistance to heat.




The flooring in your kitchen ties together all the other elements in the room. Upgrading the look of your floor can bring a cohesive balance to your kitchen. It may be time to get rid of that cheap laminate and consider something more along the lines of marble or granite tiles. Natural stone tiles are available in different sizes, textures, patterns, and finishes. Homeowners should also be conscious of the amount of foot traffic the tiles might see on a daily basis, the tile’s water resistance, and their choice of grout. Dark or grey coloured grout can detract from the beauty of your marble floor. As a general rule of thumb, try to match the colour or use a lighter colour if necessary.




Backsplashes can stand out or add cohesion to your kitchen. It has become popular as an economical, yet very effective upgrade for many homes. Homeowners can get creative when designing their backsplashes, creating patterns or rotating tiles to achieve a desired aesthetic. This is also the place where marble can really bring an added element of beauty to your kitchen. It’s a great choice to be used for a backsplash, as it won’t be plagued by stains or discolouration caused by acidic foods and liquids.


Natural stone can add timeless beauty and luxury to your kitchen or bathroom. Though remodelling can be expensive, adding natural stone surfaces and floors to your home can increase the value of your property, while giving your home a more luxurious feel. When buying countertops made from granite and marble slabs, GTA homeowners should contact a reputable natural stone distributor to view samples and learn more about their surface before making a decision.